Hot/Cold Streak Effect

By Luka Zelenovic

How do our past decisions influence our future decisions in the gambling world? Do winning and losing streaks have some invisible effect over us? This Web App will put you in the position to find that out for yourselves.

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Featured image of the project Hot/Cold Streak Effect

Metaphor used:

This Website is designed to position the user in front of the roulette game and provoke the user to experience it as the gambler. Depending if the user is on the hot or cold streak, the game would act accordingly, making the gambler feel very content and confident or miserable and cornered.

Intended Meaning:

I believe that the user of this infopoetry will get a deep insight into the working of the average gambler’s mind, and hopefully be amazed and stunned by it. Moreover, I believe that it will also bring a big revelation of the games’ influence on our minds and maybe even some self-reflection if the user was in a similar position before.