Why do you never call?

By Noemi Capparelli

This infopoetry wants to show how different generations conceive communication and how they use a medium such as the smartphone. It is a reflection on how young people, starting from me as a study case, tend to communicate mainly throught text messages, meanwhile some adults, like my dad, will rather spend hours talking on the phone. This difference leads one to reflect on how communication nowadays must be fast, concise, and often detached. Some, however, continue to seek closer, more lasting, more in-depth contact even through the use of cell phones. In particular, the project compares the amount of time spent by my dad an I talking on the phone and the amount of WhatsApp texts sent.

Featured image of the project Why do you never call? Complementary image of the project Why do you never call? Complementary image of the project Why do you never call?

Metaphor used:

The artifact chosen to display the analysis made doesn’t contain nor wishes to return the concept through a strong nor convoluted metaphor, but wishes to show the real difference and strong contrast between the data collected and the people compared.

Intended Meaning:

In order to represent how two different generation communicate using the same medium, I believe it is fascinating to show the difference using numbers, in particular time and quantity. The decision of using my point of view and my dad’s clearly shows a strong contrast between the choice of the type of communication we prefer. My intention is to encourage the user into reflecting on how they personally use this medium and maybe also how their choice of communcation can affect communication itself.


Screen time of the app “Phone calls” and WhatsApp “Storage and data” for texts.