Why Do I Sp€nd?

By Martina Balducci

“Why Do I Sp€nd?” is an infopoem that wants to explore the complex and multifaceted landscape of our daily purchasing decisions. This project goes beyond mere transactions, shedding light on the intricate interplay of emotions, moods, latent needs, fears and desires that shape every buying choice. Going beyond a superficial exploration, the infopoem aims to uncover the subtle influences often overlooked in consumer behavior.

Featured image of the project Why Do I Sp€nd? Complementary image of the project Why Do I Sp€nd? Complementary image of the project Why Do I Sp€nd? Complementary image of the project Why Do I Sp€nd?

Metaphor used:

The chosen metaphor for this project is the receipt, a seemingly common object frequently overlooked or discarded. However, it serves as a perfect symbol that encapsulates the essence of our buying habits. By adopting the metaphor of the receipt, the project aims to elevate the ordinary into a symbol of introspection, encouraging viewers to reconsider the significance of their own receipts and, by extension, their consumer behaviors.

Intended Meaning:

The perspective on the issue delves into the intricacies of consumer behavior, emphasizing the fact that every purchases extend beyond immediate needs. The project aims to reveal the subconscious factors guiding decisions, fostering a deeper connection between emotions and consumer choices. The design and communication strategy focuses on simple language and relatable examples to engage the audience. Through this approach, the intent is therefore to prompt thoughtful introspection, encouraging people to explore the often-unnoticed influences that drive their own spending patterns.


Credit card bank statement from September to December 2023, and some images related to some specific purchase made.