By Erica Pellegatta

Women can harass men in different ways, but it seems that no one talks about it. Why? Men are stereotypically considered strong and unbreakable, just like concrete. (un)breakable tells their stories, by using concrete as a metaphor of the psychological, physical and sexual violence experienced.

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Metaphor used:

A man is strong, solid, the person who should protect, unbreakable. As a brick, which is a strong, solid material, with which houses are built, to protect. My metaphor is that a man is as unbreakable as a brick, stereotypically.

Intended Meaning:

I want people to feel curious, interested, shocked, disturbed, disoriented, debated. I want to be able to open a discussion about the theme, to make people seriously think about gender equality and stereotypes, without of course minimize whatsoever violence on women, but I want to make people think that violence on men is as equally existing and, most importantly, as equally important.