Time flies...

By Gabriele Wiedenmann

The perception of the speed time changes through the years: it becomes faster according to our growth. This infopoetry wants to convey the differences of speed between ages through the “projecton” of different images, 12 for every year analyzed according to the months, that refer to a life spent.

Featured image of the project Time flies...

Metaphor used:

Using scenes of real life to describe every age of life, from 1 to 100, combined with a different text block that helps the audience to understand the topic and know more about it. The project wants to focus also on those that are the main causes of this phenomenon, related in general to the number of things that fills everyday life and creates a routine. To do that it will have from the beginning different sounds related to the images shown in every scene, that slowly will combine through them, creating an effect that would describe the bigger amount of things to think about that grows related to age and creates a routine that dramatically “slows down” the time perceived. The combination of sounds would focus also on the fact that when you’re young everything is more clear, new, every day is a discovery that remains strongly in memory.

Intended Meaning:

The info poetry wants to provoke a deep reflection in the viewer, in a quite dramatic way. The intention is to make the viewer thinking about the importance of time and to reflect that at the end it is possible to slow down this physiological perception also when you are getting older, always trying new experiences, going out from the routine.