This is not for pussies

By Gianluca Malimpensa

My student days at Politecnico di Milano are about to end. Throughout my academic career as communication designer, every time I delivered a huge work I looked at myself in the mirror to check if the few hours of sleep had left too heavy marks on my face. Final Synthesis Studio (in collaboration with Density Design Lab) has been by far the hardest course that I’ve ever attended in terms of quantity and quality of working hours devoted to the project. Despite the fact that I am glad for this experience I cannot deny that my stress level is the highest I’ve ever experienced, once again I can assume it’s because of the huge blue halos that keep company to my eyes. For this reason I decided to show a typical ‘Density Week’ over the last 6 months, with the goal of understanding what actually has raised the levels of fatigue far beyond those I was used to.

Featured image of the project This is not for pussies