The Need of Water

By Severin Schwaighofer

Water is a valuable good, but in everyday life, we often forget how much of it we waste. This project aims as a reminder to rethink our water consumption habits. To make the problem tangible the installation is placed around a sink - a commonplace of irresponsible water waste.

Featured image of the project The Need of Water

Metaphor used:

The installation features a sink as a metaphoric symbol. Through indication lines on its inside, it turns into an interactive measuring cup making aware of wasting water. Additionally, the mirror above indicates the associated facts. While reading, the viewer reflects in the mirror as a trigger to self-evaluation.

Intended Meaning:

The goal of the project is to make viewers aware of their water consumption habits at the same time they are consuming water. In this way, viewers are confronted with an issue at the same time they could make a change about it.


Zahlen, bitte! Virtuelles Wasser in der Technik