The hooked

By Yuming Situ

In the past, we thought that addiction was mostly chemical. Now there is a behavioural addiction that people spend nearly three hours or more on their phone every day. Chinese netizens spent an average of 5.69 hours a day on their mobile phones in 2019, an increase of one hour over 2017.

Featured image of the project The hooked

Metaphor used:

In the form of eyeballs, create a chart showing how much time Chinese users of each age group spend on their phones each week. The size of the pupil represents the time spent on the phone. The iris represents six different types of phone use. the larger of the gap in the iris means that the user spends the longer screen time in this type.

Intended Meaning:

Through the project, I would like that people would be able to understand the effects of prolonged use of electronic screens on their eyes. I hope that, so people could reduce the use of electronic screen time.