The Haze

By Yang Shiqi

Air pollution has become a major issue in China especially in Beijing and poses a threat to Chinese public health.The purpose of this infopoetry is to elevating public awareness to a higher level and prompting the government to roll out some measures.

Featured image of the project The Haze

Metaphor used:

This infopoetry wants to make audiences to feel the suffocating sensation when the plastic wrap increase, just like the haze makes people cannot breathe. The plastic wrap represents the haze, the more plastic wrap covered the more people cannot breathe and with the human face shape becomes blurred, it is like the people╩╝s sight in the haze, we cannot see clearly. Background sounds with the breath becomes heavier. I will show the average PM2.5 air pollution levels in Beijing of each year at the bottom of each scene.

Intended Meaning:

This video I want to make the audience feel the sense of suffocation from the sensory real feeling, pay attention to the air pollution problem, and realize the seriousness of the air pollution problem.