The garden

By Yijia Gao

This is a digital garden. The value of the game initialization comes from the various data recorded by the software I used to focus on. According to the task difficulty, degree of completion, time spent and other information as the source of the initialization data in the game, such as the data presented in the game Plant level, energy value, mood value, etc. The growth law of the entire garden is a reflection of my personal habits. Players need to scientifically choose and plant low-level plants to achieve the goal of obtaining the ultimate plant. Just as in our life, if we need to achieve a difficult and huge goal, we need to learn various small goals reasonably in this process to gain growth and development.

Featured image of the project The garden

Metaphor used:

I choose the tree as a metaphor. Because I think the growth of a tree can be used as a metaphor for the whole process of completing a thing, and our life is like planting and cultivating various trees, and making them grow and bear fruit through hard work.

Intended Meaning:

1. Help people learn more about themselves. Based on the past time arrangement experience, better coordinate the arrangement of future plans. Help users develop good habits and become more self-disciplined, targeted and planned. 2. In the current society, people pay more attention to the result and ignore the process. It seems that only the substantive and visible results can prove that a person's efforts during this period are valuable and meaningful. Therefore, many people have not achieved anything after a period of hard work. Such results will become self-doubt and loss of confidence. The plants carefully cultivated by users in each lesson represent each experience. It has feelings, experiences, and a person's hard work and sweat, and carries mood and memory. It is like a tree that belongs to itself and does not require external attention. It proves that it will grow and bear fruit by itself.


Data from tomato todo, app for recording time of focus