Tarots of Destiny

By Lucrezia Valentini

This project is a sampler that serves to illustrate some of the types of friendships I have established on Destiny 2, a video game I have been playing for two years. Each page features a tarot illustration that is used to describe my friend’s personality and way of playing the game, while the back features a variety of game data. These influence how the illustration is made: more details will be added the more confidence I have in that person, also the more “friendship milestones” are completed the more varied the palette will be. Thus, the project is intended to show the variety of interactions that can be found in any video game that encourages cooperation among several people.

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Metaphor used:

I chose to use tarot cards as a metaphor since it was possible to describe the way of playing and the personality of my analyzed friends in an illustrative way. By drawing them myself, I have the ability to change the amounts of detail based on my familiarity with them, so at a glance understand which ones I know best and which ones I don't. Also based on how many colors are on the card I can show how many ""milestones"" have been completed.

Intended Meaning:

Around online games there are several stereotypes, especially about who you meet playing them. So I wanted to show my experience on one of these games. Since Destiny 2 is an online game that encourages you to form a team and communicate with other people, I wanted to collect a little bit of people I've played with, showing a small sample of people you might meet and the different kinds of relationships I've formed with them.


Data from Destiny 2, an online game