Tanks And The City

By Ulkar Zeynalli

How many lives you should take to get The Nobel Peace Prize? Sounds fictional? That’s history. Baku, Azerbaijan SSR. January 20 1990.

Featured image of the project Tanks And The City

Metaphor used:

War and violence are more easily accepted through video games, as CoD was a good way to go through the missions of WW1 and WW2. Therefore, this led to the thought of showing the data of the lives lost and affected through one. The idea is to collect as much Xs and Os as possible. Along the way, you get more and more of them, and the collected ones are going up. We do not see the count during the gameplay as it is allegorizing radio and TV blockage at the time. After we get the count. The glitch is highlighting that the event during which Mikhail Gorbachev received the Nobel Peace Prize is “out of the system” and, of course, we congratulate the user.

Intended Meaning:

Press play and take as many lives as you can and get The Nobel Peace Prize! Sounds fictional? That is history.