Stress Stove

By Andrea Corsini

The installation is a kitchen scale with on one plate the amount of high-calorie food I ate in a month, on the other plate the weight “corresponding to the calories” of cannabis, in a package that will explain the message and data with a camping stove to use the flammable material. The choice of using cannabis as a flammable plant material is related to the fact that I wanted to convey, as a secondary message, the short-circuiting of the use of such a drug, which in fact causes the so-called “munchies” that involves a reduction in stress level but an increase in food consumption.

Featured image of the project Stress Stove Complementary image of the project Stress Stove Complementary image of the project Stress Stove

Metaphor used:

The final artifact will then be a stack of legal cannabis inflorescences, equal to the amount of needed to develop the same calories as the excess meals, it will be presented alongside a corresponding stack of food (e.g. if the excess calories over the time of a week are 100kcal a series of snacks whose caloric sum will give 100 will be placed on the table, of finaco a stack of 450 grams of hemp will be presented)

Intended Meaning:

I wanted to emphasize the link between high stress levels and high-calorie food consumption, and the amount of energy that is assimilated due to stress.


Personal stress level and calories consumption on my smartwatch, later converted into flammable plant material