Statement of Clothes

By Tang Yaqiao

Fashion is a vibrant industry that employs hundreds of millions, generates significant revenues, and touches almost everyone, everywhere. But the sad fact is that human greed to look appealing and wear glamorous clothes has ended up causing harm to the environment…

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Metaphor used:

All of the above information is about the environmental problems caused by clothes. For these problems, clothes are the makers of this disaster, they are “sinners” Sinners makes me associate about prisoners, each prisoner will take a personal photo when he goes to jail. I want to make a set of works about “The crime of clothes” Use old styles to represent can add heaviness feel.

Intended Meaning:

The waste of clothes is causing a lot of environmental pollution around the world, but the main reason for the waste of clothes is the waste of human beings, which is irrelevant to the clothes themselves (the clothes are not produced for being wasted) and thus show from the perspective of “crime”, which leads to human self- reflection.