Secret Mood

By Litong Sun

The project is an interactive installation that connects the audience via pressure sensors. The viewer applies different amounts of pressure and the animated images controlled by the data change accordingly. The greater the pressure, the greater the distortion of the image, directly reflecting the ups and downs of my emotions and the level of physical pain.

Featured image of the project Secret Mood

Metaphor used:

A net is likened to my body, with each point symbolizing myself at that moment. The degree of distortion and change in the image is controlled by pressure, conveying pain and emotional change. The dramatic changes in the image are reminiscent of the pain and emotional breakdown the person is experiencing at the moment, giving the viewer room to imagine.

Intended Meaning:

Menstruation, a physiological phenomenon that has been with girls for a long time, has always been something that is not easily mentioned in public, like a secret reserved for girls. But the pain and weakness that girls experience during menstruation is the most honest feedback from the body. I think women should be more positive about their body's feedback and pay attention to how they feel. I hope that through the interaction with the project, the audience can indirectly convey some "real feelings", so that they can appreciate the specificity of the female population.


Recording of six months of menstrual data