Safe Echos

By Daniela Paz Muñoz Rojas

“Safe Echoes” delves into the constant presence of safety-related messages and the important role they play in a woman’s daily life. Reflecting constant vigilance, these messages reveal a fragment of the reality of women navigating a world that demands continuous safety awareness. It captures a spectrum of interactions, from inquiries about arrival to the tension of silence and relief from security confirmations, encouraging a reflection on the ubiquity and social nuances that shape women’s digital communication.

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Metaphor used:

Like the heartbeat, check-in messages have a distinctive pulsating rhythm. The heart rate monitor causes constant concern. Each message becomes a distinguishable heartbeat with its own nature, capturing tension pauses and safety confirmations' relief.

Intended Meaning:

This routine communication is not a mere digital formality but a symptom of deeper issues. Cities are hostile for women, we live in constant fear for us and our girl friends to get home safe. The design communication is intended to convey the anxiety implicit in waiting. The intent is for viewers to perceive the buildup of tension in these visual representations and to portray the complexity and emotional charge that accumulates over time in these communications, inviting reflection on the social conditions that have made them an integral part of women's daily experience.


A week of personal WhatsApp conversations with girl friends, partner and parents, capturing the intricacies of safety-related check-in messages exchanged.