By Giacomo Bevacqua

The installation depicts a board with the delays of some very busy Trenord’s sections. Delay is rappresented by the action of reading,with a page for every 2 minutes of dealy, the average time to read it. The thickness of the pages added one above the other gives a new perceptive dimension of time.

Featured image of the project READ the DELAY Complementary image of the project READ the DELAY

Metaphor used:

The translation of the delay time into another form is done with the creation of a new unit of measure. It takes us on average about 2 minutes to read a page of a book, and that is where the process of converting time begins. We can then obtain data on the short term and data on the long term by extrapolation. The time obtained is then converted into paper pages.

Intended Meaning:

The intention is to create a different image of the delay that starts from time but is measured with a new unit of measurement that corresponds to an action. Reading, which is the action chosen, is an activity common to many commuters and gives a tangible and physical dimension to an immaterial phenomenon because are the pages themselves with their materiality to give this size. The idea behind the infopoetry is to give the reader an image that is not as scientific as the delay in minutes, which usually results in negative emotions, but a more material one that can rise different reflections, but that still keeps within itself the starting information.