By Francesca Grignani

Today the demand for surgical cosmetic procedures is stronger than ever all over the world. What is the role played by the constant exposition to images of ideal and idealized bodies? What is and what could become the impact of this body-reshaping on individual identity?

Featured image of the project RE-SHAPE Complementary image of the project RE-SHAPE Complementary image of the project RE-SHAPE

Metaphor used:

I would use the metaphor of applying a filter (pixelation, blur…) to the body as a resort to cosmetic surgery procedures. Therefore, images of a female and a male body would be divided into areas (the ones addressed by cosmetic procedures) and a filter would be applied on them proportionally: the stronger the filter the higher the number of procedures performed in the area. The result would be two body images with some areas at a regular definition and others heavily blurred/pixelated and unrecognizable.

Intended Meaning:

I would like to provoke, at first, an emotional reaction of surprise and shock in people looking at the InfoPoetry. They would see a body, that could be their one, heavily blurred and somewhere obliterated and they would realize that it shows the effects of mass-cosmetic surgery. After I would like the user to reflect about the risk of losing individual identity and features through this body-reshaping process and, maybe, to think about the impact of beautified-body images that today are not just common but normal.