Questa casa (non) è un albergo

By Anita Righetto

CASA DUAN is an apartment inhabited by 3 students: Anita Righetto, Silvia Riva and Marcella Grasso, which is located in Bovisa near the Polytechnic of Milan and the Penny Market. Due to its strategic position and comfortable interiors, it has been, since 2011, a meeting place for groups of students and friends. The friendly and generous tenants have always been available to offer lunches, dinners, coffee and beds to their acquaintances and sometimes also to friends of friends, friends, friends, friends in Erasmus (= unknown people). With the passing of time (3 years and 4 months) and people, the house has been enriched with objects, stories, and anecdotes, but above all has temporarily taken the form of all those who have stayed there for at least one night, so to keep track of their passage for each guest was ‘taken’ a ‘passport photo’ that portrays that person seen through the “eyes” of the house, that is, its four walls. Here are the 40 faces of CASA DUAN and their nicknames.

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