Purgatory: Araf

By Yasemin Umac

During the painful process of finding myself, I found myself on my “cooking/discovering new recipes” journey that took me away from everyone and everything. We have difficulty finding out who we are, what we want to do, or the characteristics that make us who we are, because we have already accepted the opinions of others and we just live in that bubble. We experience a breaking point at a certain point in our lives. In order to find myself at this breaking point, I worked like a bee every day and discovered myself and in those moments could I escape from everyone’s thoughts, words and looks and find myself in that moment. The moment I listened to my true self was when I was cooking.

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Metaphor used:

The relationship between the bee and finding oneself: If a person wants to find his true self, he can work on himself steadily, just like a bee, and complete the entire honeycomb. If we act unstable, the honeycomb cannot be completed and an incomplete honeycomb will be of no use, just like "indecisiveness". I use clothe that are hollow, that is, only with edges like a frame, because in the process of re-knowing myself, I started the journey of finding myself by resetting myself (free from all thoughts). Then, working like a bee, I filled the empty frame(my body) with honeycombs(own thoughts).

Intended Meaning:

The social platforms we use allow us to get away from the world and feel in a different universe and be "immersive". Sometimes people encounter their true selves on these platforms, and sometimes they disappear. These platforms are like a mirror, "we travel through the areas we want to see" and they reflect it back to us. It's about running away from people and being in our own universe.


YouTube recipe list for 90 days.