By Lorenzo Angè

Each fragment of Palestinian Keffiyeh, as each Israeli Kippah, stands for one victim. The choice to represent the victims’ amount since 2009, with dirty and shredded flaps of clothes, steps from the willing to provide an image that tells more about the destruction of lives rather than showing violence.

Featured image of the project Palestining

Metaphor used:

The headgear has an important meaning, both in the culture Arab-Palestinian as much as Israeli. The idea is to use these two elements to create a visual contrast between the two nationalities: the traditional keffiyeh will be referred to the victims of Palestinian origin, while each small kippah will refer to the victims of Israeli origin.

Intended Meaning:

The effect that the work would like to arouse is inspired by the museum installations in which a story or more stories, or history, is told through personal effects. In this infopoetry, the phenomenon is told through an accumulation of worn objects and of what is left of them, easily connoted with respect to the culture of origin. The choice of use dirty and torn strips of fabric follows the desire to return, in addition to data, a picture that shows the destruction of lives rather than violence, as a result of how it is commonly displayed, especially by those who want to make a statement.