October Sleep Symphony

By Shuo Lou

I want to try the possibility of establishing a correlation between sleep values, wavelengths and audio-visual language. By observing the wavelength chart displayed in the iPhone software, I found that the spools in the background of the data chart were five lines. The same five strings and different notes were active on the five lines, and finally connected together to compose a beautiful movement. Even in different countries and different languages, the author can be communicated with each other through “smart” syllables. When sleep wavelengths are transformed into syllables, a new emotional bond will be established between the cold values and wavelengths and the readers.

Featured image of the project October Sleep Symphony

Metaphor used:

A beautiful piece of music is made up of notes, I think that for a life, life characteristics are like notes in a score. Countless notes make up a beautiful piece of music.The traces of a life's daily existence compose an individual's unique life movement.

Intended Meaning:

Proposing a link between the numerical wavelength of sleep and audio-visual speech, the project aims to highlight the impact of personal expectations on digital behavior. Notifications confirmed by data analysis. Delving deeper into the psychological dimension, the combination of poetic and visual elements helps illuminate the emotional dimension, underscoring the concept that our desire to inform greatly influences our behavioral patterns. The aim is to provide a nuanced understanding of the interplay between expectations, digital actions and the emotional responses embedded in this dynamic.


Sleep data from September 29, 2023 to October 30, 2023 through iPhone and iWatch.