Obesity in the US

By Chung Wui Kang

Obesity has long been a problem that cannot be ignored, the United States is the country with the most serious obesity problems in the world. The infopoetry showing obesity through the size changes of the balloon.

Featured image of the project Obesity in the US

Metaphor used:

The infopoetry showing obesity by using a balloon. The balloon in the video metaphor an obesity figure of one person, present data through the size changes of the balloon. The size of the balloon represents the obesity rate in the US every year, as the obesity rate increases, the balloon becomes bigger and bigger, and eventually, it inflates to explode. In the end, it shows the number of people die from obesity every year in the United States.

Intended Meaning:

The purpose of the video is to arouse the attention of the public to the problem, showing the serious obesity phenomenon in the US.