My search calendar

By Yiheng Zhong

I chose my Google search history for November as the basic data source, generated images from my daily search keywords and used the AI text-to-image tool (Midjourney) to generate an 8bit pixel style image of game scene or prop, reconstructing my daily digital life, of which I am a player in the game of ‘life’. The 30 reconstructed images representing each day of November will be turned into a calendar ‘My Search Calendar’, which will show my exploration of the unknown through machine thinking without human-guided text

Featured image of the project My search calendar Complementary image of the project My search calendar Complementary image of the project My search calendar

Metaphor used:

Collage style, which is a style of art that deconstructs and reconstructs without constraint, very fitting to the decentralised, independent nature of the search for records. As for the calendar, which has penetrated everyone's mind as a tool for reflecting the time process, its visual form is ideally suited to show the daily activities over a period of time.

Intended Meaning:

The search record is like an extension of my tentacles on the internet as I explore the world, it shows how I go about understanding and figuring out the unknown with a sense of purpose. I think it's a good content to use as a trail to show the trajectory of my life. The imagination of machines is a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence these days. This ability helps us to simulate the unseen, and instead can help computers to combine words, symbols and low-level physical representations of real-world things to process language, even with combining such imagination to create things. How machines can imagine through few words and how such imagination differs from human ones is what I hope to know. And I also would like to explore what my life would look like in the imagination of the machine, and whether these images within no text could convey some messages to the viewer.


My Google search keywords for November 1st-30th