My screen time

By Kangying Chen

I use the ‘snake game’ scenario as a starting point, where the snake is made up of four circular patterns representing the colours of the apps. The distance the snake moves from the first circle to the next is the time spent using the apps, and the time it takes for the snake to swallow each circle is based on the time I have the apps open that day. When the day is over, so is this game.

Once the game is over, a table is generated of the time and frequency of my use of these four apps on 16 January 2023. I have selected the four most representative time periods to recall why I opened these apps at that time.

My ultimate goal was to spend as little time on my phone as possible, and although I reviewed my entire usage history for 16 January, I still failed to achieve this goal later.

In fact this review of phone use failed in the practical sense that it was intended to achieve.

Featured image of the project My screen time

Metaphor used:

Bars of different colors represent my usage time, Every time I click to open a specific software, the progress bar advances one step. This will be the main element of the poster and video.

Intended Meaning:

The most important thing I would like to manifest is: what is it that keeps me from leaving these software, and secondly I would like to summarise the order in which I open this software during the day.


My phone's "screen time" on 16 January 2023