Morph Me

By Federico Corbani

“Morph Me” has at its core the aim to expose the gap between algorithmic assumptions and our true identity. The visual metaphor, a morphed video using AI in Touch Designer, signifies the disparity between definable and abstract. The dataset’s focus on images, converted into new images, highlights the fallacy of algorithmic understanding. “Morph me” is an exploration of our digital identity in an algorithm-dominated world.

Featured image of the project Morph Me

Metaphor used:

The morphed video acts as a visual metaphor that highlights the gap between what is definible and what is not.

Intended Meaning:

Algorithms pretend to know us simply through the analysis of our actions on certain social medias, without knowing the real intentions behind them, therefore this installation aims at making this discrepancy visible by morphing what the algorithm thinks we are into what we really are (an indefinible and abstract mass of thoughts and images).


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