By Riccardo Ventura

Algorithms defined a highly defined list of what are my interests in order to target adv and sponsorships more accurately. Some of them are extremely accurate, others are just wrong, some of them are right but I didn’t even know I was interested in them. Starting from this list I’ll add humanity to this data, giving and transforming this text into a prompt. This will then be prompted to Midjourney and elaborated on a portrait of myself. Conclusively, I will group all the fragments of my digital double in a video that will display a project will also be accessible through a QR code leading to a webapp, where all the topics, prompts and paintings and will be displayed.

Featured image of the project Moimême

Metaphor used:

Portraits are a traditional means of capturing the essence of individuals. In this context, this metaphor serve to highlight the individuality of each topic within my digital identity and the perspective of algorythms: the point of view that they have on me.My digital double will be then portrayed as a gallery filled with diverse collection of portraits. Each portrait represents a different topic or interest, and the style, size, and prominence of each portrait convey the emotional significance of that topic.

Intended Meaning:

The aim is to encourage observers to reflect on their own relationship with their digital footprint and how it impacts their everyday life, considering both their rational and their emotional point of view. Is it familiarity, strangeness or fear?Lastly, i mean to communicate a sense of uncannyness, a good trigger to stimulate people's feelings about the algorithmical definition of self.


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