Modern Waste of Time

By Mariam Kozbar

This infopoetry wants to show the time spent on social media in a lifetime, starting from few assumptions: the average human lifespan is 72 years and many people start using social media as young as 10 years old.

Featured image of the project Modern Waste of Time

Metaphor used:

I used the metaphor of the sun and its effect when exposed on people at the beach, because I wanted to translate the effect of time spent in a physical way. So, I decided to use the sun as a metaphor to the light of the screens, and the effect of its exposure on the people using different platforms, which are the towels. And to differentiate the time spent, I used the shade of the skin which is the result of spending time under the sun.

Intended Meaning:

I wanted to reflect and emphasis on how much time of our lives is wasted just using and scrolling through social media. I chose the data features that resembles time in a lifetime, because it is really interesting to see the long term effect of the time we spend today and maybe this will lead to awareness for us to stop wasting this much time on social media platforms.


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