By Ce Zheng

“The means MY EMOJI. I collect all the emojis I used in Wechat and I want to explore the potential of emoji as a popular symbolic language in terms of expression and communication. Emoji is flexible, one emoji can have completely different meanings depending on the context, and different emojis also could represent the same meaning.

Based on my data, I collected different emojis that represent the same meaning and combine them to express a specific meaning as .

Featured image of the project Meoji Complementary image of the project Meoji Complementary image of the project Meoji

Metaphor used:

I hope to make the output the same style as the word explanation in the dictionary and interprets meoji in a canonical format. The reason for choosing this metaphor is that I want emoji to look like words and become a language that can be used by people for communication.

Intended Meaning:

I like using emojis to express myself. As a symbolic language, a big difference between emoji and text is that the emojis have more possibilities to be used and imagined according to different context. Through this project, I would like to let everyone start to think about the possibility of images as a communication medium, to explore the ability and boundaries of images to express meaning.


All the emojis I used in my life-sharing in Wechat