Me, Myself and [A]I

By Oasis Melissa Francoise Mignot

Whilst our consumer habits varies on platforms, this prediction phenomenon only enhances further the differences between your Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest self. It is easy to grasp an idea of the topics that are recurrently recommended to us; however, it is rare to have an overview of how these differ from one platform to the other. To some extent, the content we absorb reflects who we are at a given time. Using my personal social media usage as an example, this artefact examines my multiple online identities, to expose their striking differences.

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Metaphor used:

Each of our online identity tells a different story. Based on the dataset, we can build three personas, corresponding to my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest self. Using simply the recommended topic lists, we can write the story of three very distinct, often stereotypical persons. The artefact is divided in three diaries, each telling the story of a different persona. The diary is a support to tell personal information, and hold one's inner thoughts. Whilst writing in physical diaries is less common, people moved to online tools to tell their thoughts and opinions. As a matter of fact, the genesis of social media began with people using it as a form of personal diary to express themselves. Even though, they are now also used for entertainment, it is still possible to tell a lot about a person by looking at one's social media explore page. By turning my interests into three distinct narratives, the artefact brings back the metaphor of the diary as a mean to tell personal stories. The triptych diary is a metaphor to represent the various identities that I have online. Additionally, to emphasise the concept of piecing life elements, the text will be intertwined wit combined images extracted from the saved posts on every platform and Al images to represent specific topics.

Intended Meaning:

The aim is to generate a reflection of the way we are perceived on different platforms by creating a storytelling according to my recommended topic of interests on my three most used social media apps. From these categories, we can makeup an entire persona that may differ completely depending on the platform, as well as in comparison to our "real" self. We are one person but multiple online users.What can we tell about a person from seeing/"reading" about their interests? How can we use our online information to tell personal stories?A secondary intention is to examine Al text and image generation to support storytelling. Using Chatgpt to write the story allows to avoid biases when creating each persona's diary. Similarly, Al generated images are useful to represent certain topics in a visual manner rather than textual without involving human interpretation in the process.


Listed topics of interests from: Pinterest, lnstagram and Facebook.