By Fabiola Papini

Lost wages is a dystopian store designed to demonstrate the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on garment industry workers. The purpose is to appeal to the audience to make conscious efforts to act sustainably in their daily shopping practices.

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Featured image of the project LOST WAGES

Metaphor used:

The data was encoded via one of the most common products in the global garment industry: a set of T-Shirts.

Intended Meaning:

This infopoetry is dedicated to visualizing the consequences of Covid-19 pandemic on garment industry workers, by showing the wage gap percentage of millions of workers from the most productive countries. The concept stems from the desire to provoke and make people reflect on what is hidden behind the production of clothing that we usually buy and wear. From this message, follows the choice of metaphor and media through which to present it: a dystopian store similar in appearance to those we browse daily to buy our clothes, but where the products have a story to tell and are carriers of information relating to human exploitation.