Ite, Missa Est

By Alessandro Ferrari

Slowly but relentlessly, Italians are dropping the worship of God at the Holy Sunday Mass. Ite, Missa Est explores the reality of a detuned faith through an unsetting experience.

Featured image of the project Ite, Missa Est

Metaphor used:

A prayer or a chant in which the single voices' intensity represents the percentage of people attending church at least once a week (the higher the percentage, the higher the sound's intensity) supported by a graphical representation of quantity (candlelight) the candle burns out in time based on the total percentage of people attending religious services.

Intended Meaning:

The infopoetry intends to stimulate a reflection on religious practices through the solemnity and mysticism of the chant/prayer metaphor, making the viewer and listener ponder if the drop in faith in Italian people is for better or for worse.