By Riccardo Fregnan

Through the acceptance of the famous “cookies” we give the possibility of being analyzed, but probably many people already know this, what is not clear to many is how dense the network of cookies is that is created between different sites that apparently do not have anything in common. The truth is that working on many websites, a cookie can obtain a huge amount of data about a person and all this just because you were in a hurry to make that pop up disappear. “Incognito” wants to raise awareness of this aspect, it wants to make people reflect on people’s awareness when they browse online, with the hope of making people waste a few more seconds when they open a website in order to safeguard their privacy.

Featured image of the project Incognito Complementary image of the project Incognito Complementary image of the project Incognito

Metaphor used:

As a metaphore expose the home pages of all the sites to which I have accepted cookies and associate as many pins as the trackers correspond to that site, and then connect them with wires.

Intended Meaning:

The problem taken into consideration is the lightness with which the cookies we find on each site are accepted, which is why the intention is to develop a certain type of awareness when you decide to accept giving your information on the internet.


List of sites allowed cookies in Safari settings.