If I were a song

By Donato Renzulli

“If I were a song” is a musical experiment with which I try to define my musical identity mixing and merging the songs I have listened to the most in recent years. Looking at the annual reports of Spotify I realized to listen to many artists often different from each other and belonging even to different decades. The selected songs reflect my activity as drummer, the influences of my parents and friends, the way my tastes changed and the way I changed. The project consists in the creation of a new song that comes from the fusion of different elements of the starting five: bpm, rhythm, instruments, melodies, text and sounds. The result will be an unreleased track with its cover.

Featured image of the project If I were a song Complementary image of the project If I were a song

Metaphor used:

The metaphor used will be that of a new musical release, an unpublished song by an unknown artist.

Intended Meaning:

My intent is to reflect on myself and understand how the music I listen to can define me. The final result tries to mix existing artistic products to propose a new and experimental music production process.


I decided to investigate the data I provided to Spotify during 5 years of use by selecting the 5 songs I listened to the most (thanks to Spotify Wrapped)