I’m late

By Filippo Roveda

“l’m Late” highlights the concept of lateness and the frenzy within daily life. The work is able to represent the speed of modern days and the continuous chasing of time that we cannot keep up with, as a constant game of chase. Everyone is the Main character of their own game within varied settings that can adapt to the subjectivity of each individual story, accumulates by a common ‘generational’ problem. Just like the subject of this arcade, the constant notifications, deadlines, and excuses are the real obstacles to dodge in harder not to fall into a continuous vicious cycle of delays and excuses.

Featured image of the project I’m late

Metaphor used:

Busy life is a race, or rather an obstacle race. Commitments, deliveries, routines are goals to be achieved but the real opponent is time in this game. A true animated representation of one of the most characteristic aspects of modern life in the form of an arcade game. My digital alter ego is forced to run after messages and excuses. Each time a message arrives the character will have to move faster, reproducing the daily routine day by day.

Intended Meaning:

My point highlights how, in a world where smart chat is a way of life, the frenzy of the days leads to looking for ways to keep up with everything, moving from alibis to excuses so that the circle can be prolonged as much as possible.


All the messages sent via the WhatsApp app in the last four months that contain within them references to situations of delay, rush, and hurry.