I have got nothing to wear

By Beatrice Bazzan

The drama of “I have nothing to wear” is real: to get dressed becomes a real environmental issue when we buy clothes that we don’t even remember to have. The video tries to outline the problem of serial accumulation, ironically asking us: what would happen if we wore the unused 81% of our clothes?

Featured image of the project I have got nothing to wear

Metaphor used:

The metaphor uses the inversion of reality: reversing the percentages number I wanted to show how ridiculous this accumulation of clothes is. It’s the opposite of the story “The Emperor New Clothes”, where here the emperor is the person overdressed by such a great amount of clothing, that are now flooding the person, and no more just dressing him.

Intended Meaning:

Topic of the infopoetry is the serial accumulation of clothes, of which we are not aware. Individuals are not able to perceive their share in global problems, and for example in Italy more than 80% of the clothes we buy are not used. I wanted to emphasize this latter number, and to make it visible and perceivable.


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