Home, Damn Home

By Davide Perucchini

My project is about the difficulty of finding affordable flats in Milan for universitary students and it’s based on rents prices in Milan. It consists in a doormat, on which is drawn the map of Milan through 277 studs, that are different in heights and colours according to three different clusters.

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Featured image of the project Home, Damn Home Complementary image of the project Home, Damn Home Complementary image of the project Home, Damn Home

Metaphor used:

The metaphor consists of turning the doormat. from an object that is put in front of the door of the house to welcome people to an object that is no longer welcoming but prickly and that pushes people away. For this project I was inspired by the Dada approach of changing the original meaning of an ordinary object to provoke viewers and bring them to reflection. For the aesthetic part, the main references were instead the punk culture and the spiky platforms that Super Mario must overcome in Bowser’s castle.

Intended Meaning:

"Finding a house for a university student is very difficult, because the budget is often limited and it is difficult to support expenses with odd jobs without depending on parents. Analysing the dataset we can see that there was a slight decrease in rents during the months of the pandemic, but this was temporary. I have chosen to show only the current situation, thus narrowing the timeline of the research, as there has not been a significant change in the situation in recent years. My aim is to provoke and induce the public to reflect."