Generation Adderall

By Paola Rondi

“Generation Adderall” shows how the abuse of Adderall, a prescription stimulant sold in the USA but banned in Europe as it is a pharmaceutical combination of amphetamine salts, have increased over the years through the USA young adult, leading them to be addicted to it.

Featured image of the project Generation Adderall

Metaphor used:

The metaphor is a video showing how the abuse of Adderall increased over the years. This data will be metaphorically represented by a number of pills proportional to the number of people. The pills will be red to represent the danger of abusing this prescription stimulants. In the background, speeches about people experience of addiction and abuse of Aderrall will be reproduced.

Intended Meaning:

Taken as prescribed, Adderall improves concentration and leads to better performance at work and at school. But as we live in a knowledge economy world, the need for long periods of concentration increases with competitiveness, so students often abuse it. Although they feel immune to the side effects they are instead sensitive to the dangers. The effect I want to provoke is to let people understand Adderall doesn't make you smarter, it do not give your brain superpowers, it just makes you addicted.