Game of Life

By Alessia Mattesini

The infopoem consists of a small set of playing cards accompanied by a box, with which the user can interact on his or her own. Starting from my data and my behaviors in playing video games, I built a card game that represents my game of life, playable by everyone. There are few cards of rules in order to understand how to play, cards of tasks to do in the “real life” and the cards to access alter egos and other worlds.

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Metaphor used:

The other world as a reality to be discovered and escaped into and the alter ego as someone else you aspire to.

Intended Meaning:

Starting from observing the type of video games I use, I began to question what was the reason for my preference for some games over others. It is being able to use an alter ego, more or less customizable, whether through choice of name, skills or appearance, that makes the gaming experience so immersive. Building one’s character to the point of feeling like someone else takes us into the other world, losing touch with the everyday and taking us away from the things of this world that afflict us. But perhaps more than being someone else, it is about being another ourselves. We use alter egos to escape from everyday life, to travel to another world, we play other games to avoid playing our own game: the game of life.


Hours spent on console video games (Nintendo SW) and type of avatars/ alter egos used.