By Yifang Bao

The dataset is the maternal mortality ratio in 2015. The flower flake number is projected as the maternal mortality ratio number. Flowers would sacrifice and give the next generations life, which is the same as that mothers give birth to next generations but sacrifice themselves due to fertility.

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Metaphor used:

I want to take the seed number as mother fertility and the flower flake falling number as maternal mortality. The metaphor is because the flowers gave the seed life but sacrificed themselves, it's the same as that human mother give birth to children but sacrificed themselves in this dataset. I want children to remember the love of their mothers before we are born. And also we need to care about fertility health all over the world.

Intended Meaning:

I want to show the reproductive health situation globally. First, in some third world countries, the situation is very terrible. People need to care about them. Second, we need to cherish our lives and respect our mothers, because the fertility is very hard for mothers.