Fall-Recruitment journey

By Yiyuan Hu

In the post-epidemic era, college students show low employment confidence, anxiety, and confusion about personal development. The purpose of this project is to present a real process of applying for Chinese autumn recruitment and explore what we can do to be more confident and prepared for employment.

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Metaphor used:

During this process, I have been very anxious and nervous. Almost all companies involved in autumn recruitment will require applicants to take a comprehensive test without major classification after the they submit their CV and portfolio, the test is including graphic and logical reasoning, data analysis, personality tests, etc.And then are the first interview, major based test, second interview, second major based test and so on... Looking back now, I feel that rough and hard twine can best describe the state of mind at that time, I try to follow the way that most of people would choose, I belong to a member of 10.76 million Chinese graduates, just like one of the thousands of fibers that make up hemp rope, I intend to use twine to represent the timeline, different colors/brightness of twine ball represent different companies, and different sizes represent different application state.

Intended Meaning:

Through my recruitment story, I want to tell that the competition is fierce and the process is suffering it's important to find our own way and make preparations to raise our competitiveness before blindly entering the job market.


Collection of my participation in the recruitment of Chinese Internet companies