Every step you take

By Beatrice Foresti

Every day starts with some steps that generate data and digital traces. The stop-motion video tells the story of some students during a typical university day at the Design campus of Politecnico of Milan and it’s narrated from the point of view of the steps that they take.

Featured image of the project Every step you take

Metaphor used:

Using digital devices, we produce data by simply walking. In this way and we are constantly leaving traces of our passage. Thanks to the manually added white footprints, we can see the data generated at each step.

Intended Meaning:

The infopoetry wants to highlight and show the constant generation of data that affects our lives when we have digital devices. The goal is to provoke curiosity in the users, about their steps data.


Personal and friends’ data. The sample population is composed by 5 students of Master Degree in Communication Design that go to University both by train and by walking.