Drip Drop

By Evansha Agrawal

The video is a wake-up call for all ‘snoozers’, who see the future as a concern to be dealt with far down the line. The video addresses the urgent need for attention towards water scarcity because time is running out and so is water…tick-tok drip-drop tick-tok

Featured image of the project Drip Drop

Metaphor used:

I want to make people reflect about the ignorant attitude of people towards the issue of water scarcity using the metaphor of an alarm snooze button.

Intended Meaning:

Snooze button seems to be an easy fix for anything annoying. Despite knowing that water is facing a major crisis in India. People choose to close their eyes and postpone the reality. The video showcases interesting facts and instigate a feeling of fear so that people can act before it is too late.