Domestic Violence

By Ahmad Zakerialhoseini

Showing the number of the reported “Domestic Violence” in Iran between 8 years by the visual and vocal elements inside a short video performance. Using the metaphor for violence which is “Breaking”, and in the end showing the growth of this number among these years.

Featured image of the project Domestic Violence

Metaphor used:

1. The wall: Which is the basic part of a house and literally, a house is a concept of somewhere between closed walls. 2. The primary icon of the house which is the most recognized symbol of Home. 3. Plates and fragile house stuff as the most familiar objects in the domestic arguments. 4.Sound of breaking as an alert about the violence.

Intended Meaning:

The most recognized effect in this video performance is the sudden loud sounds of breaking plates into the wall which brings a feeling of shock in the audience. Each breaking sound is the nominee of a single year. Silent (Or calm music) and a loud sound of breaking is the contrast of this video.