Digital Passepartout

By Antonio Sacchet

This project compares digital keys with analog keys, in order to highlight the different perception of what permissions a digital key gives compared to a physical one. It is helpful to think about how many locks can be open and also how many space can be accessed with a digital key compared to a physical one. Usually a physical key gives access only to a specific single space, a digital key instead unlocks multiple doors to really different spaces. Core of the project is the different level of protection given to the two different types of key. People used to be very protective about physical keys and be careful not to lose them, on the other hand if it is for digital keys, when people forget them, they just create a new one without assuring nothing got stolen. By showing the vulnerability of digital keys the projects make the user reflect on their usage.

Featured image of the project Digital Passepartout Complementary image of the project Digital Passepartout Complementary image of the project Digital Passepartout

Metaphor used:

Key boxes locked and unlocked are used to evocate the different security levels for digital and physical keys. To show the different levels of permissions given by digital keys a key box that can be unlocked with a single key will be filled with keys of different colors chosen according to their different areas of usage.

Intended Meaning:

Digital keys should be stored more safely and users should have more control over what can have happened when they lose or change a digital key. The project makes people reflect on the number of digital keys stored online and on how safe it is to store your credentials online.


Digital Credentials stored online sourced from iCloud Personal Account