Digital against Physical

By Andrea Lai

The focus of the project is to inform the user about how much the music industry has been changing in recent years, with an exponential increase in the revenue generated by streaming and digital downloads, which are slowly making the physical CDs, that we have always known, disappear.

Featured image of the project Digital against Physical

Metaphor used:

Two stacks of broken and destroyed CDs, placed one above the other, to represent a bar chart. One for the year 2017 and uni for the year 2018. Above them, a gelatinous mass of green slime that represents Spotify: the largest and most famous music streaming platform in the world. The height of the CD stack and the amount of gelatinous slime will be decided according to the dataset

Intended Meaning:

This is for sure a known phenomenon, people are aware that the value of music streaming services are surpassing the physical industry, but does not know that this industry is slowly dying because of that. More and more artists are declaring that they will no longer produce physical records and that they will limit themselves to digital streams. We are facing a new musical era, it is happening here and now. My intention is to inform the user through a short shocking video, transmit violence and violation. The loss of the old in favor of the new. The loss of the body in favor of the intangible.