By Francesco Padovani

The objective of this project is to try to translate the amount of work done for this laboratory during the past 5 months. We tried to summarize in a single image some data concerning, among other things, the number of days of class or review, the number of days in which it was necessary for the group to meet to work, the total number of hours of group call on Skype, the number of software used or the total number of files made as jpeg, pdf, doc and csv. Since it was not possible to collect the total number of files from the PC of each member of the group, this data is based exclusively on the content of the shared Dropbox folder, in which were obviously collected only a part of the files created for the course. We also tried to include all communications between the students of the course and between students and teachers. In the latter category were considered e-mails, tweets, and posts on Beep.

Featured image of the project #densityXburden