By Paola Pia Palumbo

The project is an audiovideo that aims to dynamically capture the essence of a day immersed in interactions with digital devices, specifically phone and computer. Through rapid transitions from one device to another and from one application to another, the audiovisual experience intensifies the chaos and overlap of digital inputs, compressing them into a short span of time. In this way it aims to exasperate the concept and encourage reflection on the complexity of the technological fabric that constitutes our daily lives.

Featured image of the project Dataquake

Metaphor used:

Digital multitasking as an overlapping of visual and auditory stimuli.

Intended Meaning:

Studies show that media consumption can extend a person's day beyond 24 hours, thanks to the continuous overlap and multitasking.The quick attention shifts between devices and activities create a vortex of interactions, that, often, escapes observation. The awareness of the presence of the screen dissolves, with most of these interactions going unnoticed.


Screen time of iPhone and Mac.