Copy me

By Giovanni-Maria Bonassi

I told Runway, looking at my illustrations, to imitate me and then, looking at my inspirations, to do what I usually do, to imitate them to create a new illustration style. I put then one of my illustrations, an illustration I took inspiration from, and the two illustrations created by Runway, in a set of posters for a fictitious exposition, to show them in an hypothetically real situation and to make the observator reflect on the results.

Featured image of the project Copy me Complementary image of the project Copy me Complementary image of the project Copy me

Metaphor used:

Imagine: you are posing for a portrait and the painter is blind. There is only one way to get your portrait: tell him about yourself. What do you choose to say when you talk about you?

Intended Meaning:

The project is a process of self-knowledge. In this case, however, the interlocutor is not another person but it’s a ‘blind’ and extraneous machine. The machine is not just a blind painter, it is a painter that has the knowledge of all the others painters within it. The resulting image is the synthesis of many others. A hermeneutic mechanism of knowledge and understan- ding of algorithmic language is therefore also involved in this process.


Words and sentences I would use to talk about myself. Images produced by Dall_E.