Claw Crane Online

By Wang Ning

Shanghai uses an auction system to sell a limited number of license plates to fossil-fuel car buyers a.nd almost 200,000 persons compete for 10,000 car license plates online every month. It is like a huge website game—Catching yourself.

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Featured image of the project Claw Crane Online

Metaphor used:

Taking the doll machine as a prototype, the grey dolls in the machine container waiting to be picked up by the hooks are metaphorized as other people participating in the bidding license plate. One of the marked significantly different doll is the participant itself. Each time the participant clicks on the Crawl button, the participants are enhanced with empathy and related experiences through changes in the process and different results in each crawl.

Intended Meaning:

The limited and scarce number of license plates is always unable to meet the needs of all the population. With the rise of China's new generation of the middle class, such as this phenomenon is very common in China. In current China, the guy having enough money does not solve all the problems. Sometimes luck, timing, and the conditions at the time determine what you can win. With the experience of this game console, foreigners (including Chinese) can understand why Chinese people need to work harder for a long time, make appropriate speculation, and keep some kind of social wisdom of Eastern philosophy to let the "hooks" of opportunities grab the doll machine.